Craft: An Argument - why the term "craft beer" is completely undefinable, hopelessly misunderstood an absolutely essential.

The craft beer boom is the biggest thing to hit brewing and drinking for more than a generation. What started off as a small band of idealistic hobby brewers is now a multi-billion-dollar global industry, but even its most passionate fans can’t actually agree what ‘craft beer’ is, with some arguing that it’s simply marketing hype, and others claiming it doesn’t exist at all.

Award-winning beer writer Pete Brown digs into this decades-long argument and in doing so, creates a fascinating, complex and hugely satisfying answer. He dismantles the main attempts to define the term ‘craft beer’ and argues that it is, in fact, undefinable, before shifting emphasis from beer to the broader, older idea of craft in search of answers. He shows that arguments around craft beer have largely forgotten what craft is all about – if they were even aware in the first place. He explores the ever-changing nature of work, the meaning of knowledge, the evolution of language and the ways in which we engage with our immediate environment and the wider world.

Arriving back at beer from such an oblique angle, he rediscovers the real reasons why so many people are so passionate about craft beer, and argues that situating beer in a broader understanding of craft shows that the term is rich in meaning, even if it can’t be pinned down to a measurable definition.

Written in Brown’s trademark pub stool conversational style, Craft: An Argument provides a new perspective on the biggest trend in global food and drink, as well as making you long for a beer.

“With Craft: An Argument, not only does Brown reaffirm himself as one of the greatest beer writers of our time, he offers beer professionals and enthusiasts the most insightful statement of meaning for the ‘completely undefinable, hopelessly misunderstood and absolutely essential’ craft beer.”

Imbibe Magazine, UK

Imprint: Storm Lantern Publications
Published: 25/06/2020
ISBN: 978-1838049812
Length: 207 Pages
RRP: £9.99 print on demand, £6.99 Kindle

The British Guild of Beer Writers

Pete is currently Chair of the British Guild of Beer Writers, which exists “…to improve standards
of beer writing and extend the public knowledge of beer.” If you write, tweet, gram, podcast or take photos about beer and pubs, and you like to socialise with and learn from others who do, find out more here.

Full Juice Magazine

Pete is Editor-at-Large of Full Juice, a new publication entirely focused upon the fermented apple. Pete Brown, Susanna Forbes, Bill Bradshaw and Gabe Cook have spent the last decade travelling to the world’s greatest cider making regions – learning, talking and writing along about what they found there. Now, we’ve come together to create a regular, periodical celebration of the world of fine cider. Electronic version of Spring 2020 issue out now!

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About Pete Brown

Pete Brown is a British author, journalist, broadcaster and consultant specialising in food and drink, especially the fun parts like beer and cider. His broad, fresh approach takes in social history, cultural commentary, travel writing, personal discovery and natural history, and his words are always delivered with the warmth and wit you’d expect from a great night down the pub. He writes for newspapers and magazines around the world and is a regular contributor to BBC Radio 4’s Food Programme. He was named British Beer Writer of the Year in 2009, 2012 and 2016, and Fortnum and Mason Online Drinks Writer of the Year in 2015.

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