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Tracking device

To find out where Pete is at 12-hourly intervals, because let’s face it, there’s nothing better to do on a drizzly afternoon and it makes a change from Facebook, go to this site and you can join the dots to track his route:


Today they hope to arrive at Cape Verde where they’ll get off and stretch their legs, then it’s another 18 days straight to Brazil.

It all sounds fantastic: flying fish, playful shoals of dolphins, whale spouts and phosphorescent plankton. If Pete can’t post from Cape Verde I’ll fill in some of the details later in the week.

And now back to my life of mouse-like playing whilst the sea-faring cat is away.





Dear all pete sent me the folowing e-mail from the cape verde Island
“Don´t come to Cape Verde – it´s covered in flies and the beer tastes of

Looking like we should get Bernard over to Brazil to replace Barry.

Ship is very good – steering is a bugger when you´ve got a football
field´s worth of sails to
negiotiate with. Remembered how to tie a bowline incorrectly –
everything´s coming back!

Worth doing just for the flying fish, the dolphins, the Milky Way, the

Finally starting to chill out and getting the book writing under way.

Landing in Brazil a fortnight on Tuesday. See ya then!


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