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Unemployed lapsed blogger in that ‘end of A levels’ mood


You may have noticed that the blog has been quiet for a while. Well, I’ve been busy, and this week, the fruits of my labours can be revealed to the three of you who are interested.

The main thing from my point of view is that I finally finished the IPA book! Eight months later than planned, and 60,000 words too long, we’ve got a fair bit of editing to do, but then that’s why I have an editor. Publication has now been delayed till July 09, but I’m hoping the final result will be well worth the wait. A year ago today I was posting that my first barrel had exploded in Tenerife, and was setting sail from the Canaries to Brazil. I can’t believe where the year has gone, save that I spent most of it wandering through the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century, lost in archives, old newspapers, and the cheerfully racist reminiscences of those who spent time in India under the East India Company and the Raj.

At the same time as finishing the book several other projects came to fruition. When I talk about them they’ll be above this post, so I want to say read on, but if I’ve posted them yet, you probably already have. If you see what I mean.



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