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Is anyone interested in reading my thoughts on stuff other than beer?  I don’t really care.  But occasionally I do have the urge to write about other things.

The thing about this beer blog is it’s here for professional reasons – to promote my career as an author and beer pundit.  
But every now and then there are other things I want to write about – things I feel strongly about, ideas I maybe want to work up a bit, or stuff to just get off my chest.  Just an ordinary blog then, like millions of others.  But having it as a blog rather than just a diary provides a bit of motivation to write it, craft it, think about it rather than just forgetting it.  If anyone else wants to read it, I’m flattered.
So if you fancy a chat about Barnsley FC, music, cool books, life in London, love-hate (mostly hate) relationships with advertising and marketing, then please drop by to Pete Brown’s other blog!




Yeah i’d be interested, my wife and i are moving back to the UK in March so any thoughts on other things would be pretty interesting…..


Like the beer Blog. There’s a new beer site that rates beer that’s pretty cool. Highly recommend called beercasters.com

Keep it real!

Velky Al

Non-beer related blogs are useful, even though my two only get updating rarely. Serves to remind me that there is a world beyond the next pint.


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