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Top Ten Beer Blogs

I was just asked by www.blogs.com to give a list of  my top ten favourite beer blogs.  The results are here.

It was hard because I don’t spend a lot of time going through all the beer blogs I can find, and when I do many are quite similar.  Given that the site is primarily American and read internationally I realised my list was becoming quite parochially British, so I had to miss off some very good blogs by friends of mine in order to give it a more balanced and international feel.  So it’s not really my ten favourite beer blogs, more an overview of what the world of blogging has to offer.
I hope it drives traffic to the guys I featured (if you haven’t linked to this blog yet, would you?) And apologies to all the bloggers I trade comments with on here who weren’t featured.  Please don’t hold it against me!




Thank you for you kind observation which I would also point out is inflated by the power of alphabetization. Just keeping my ego in check.

Web designer

I drink lighter Pilsner beer in the spring summer and dark in the fall and winter. My favorite summer beer is Straub thanks for sharing this article I love your site will recommend my friends


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