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Pubs and class

I’ve tried to write about what’s really wrong with pubs many times, and think I’ve made some valid points.  But Boak and Bailey just hit the nail on the head quite squarely and with minimum verbiage via the simple expedient of asking Boak (or Bailey’s) working class mum and dad why they didn’t go to the pub any more.

In this industry we spend a lot of time talking about how hard it is for publicans, and not enough time looking at the problem from the drinker’s perspective.  Anyone who runs a pub or works for a PubCo should read this post.




Thanks, Pete. It was my Dad, just to clear that up. At some point, we’ll get a bit more methodical about attributing posts…

Tommy N

It is a great little article and many of the comments are true. I would though say that many pubs are doing all they can in terms of the points stated and are still quiet. The pub i am involved with is, in my opinion, friendly, serves a great range of well kept beers at reasonable prices. If you have a pub is a small village, with no public transport, what chance do you have in doing a lot of business when it is raining and 90% of people in the village would not even visit if it was the greatest pub in the history of mankind. My point being that unfortunately country pubs cannot do anything about point 3. Culture has changed and the recent financial slump is the final straw. Most pubs that close will be because they are not very good but some great pubs will close too. Surely the people that run these pubs can bemoan the way tax, weather, global financial crisis, cheep supermarket booze, greedy PubCos and government policy has contrived against the pub industry.


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