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Beer is evil part xxxviii

Yesterday the BBC ran a story on new proposals that alcoholics should be rounded up into concentration camps – no, sorry, that was a hundred years ago – that they should have their benefits cut (because as we know, only chav scum are alcoholics).

There’s a picture accompanying the article, with the caption ‘The government hopes to get alcoholics on benefits back to work’.
This is the picture of the workshy alcoholic they used:
A man drinking a pint of beer
Anyone would think that teenage binge drinkers didn’t use strong cider, shots and slammers to get wrecked.  Anyone would think the growing alcohol problem among young women – the ONLY demographic not seeing a drop in binge drinking behaviour – wasn’t based on the consumption of 250ml glasses of wine…




According to guardian today it’s drinkers of U-boat beer… sorry Kriegs Marine Pilsner sorry Becks who are problem drinkers well from the picture next to the piece…..


Governments have long been happy to promote the dangers of alcohol, whether they be true or not (‘alcohol concern’ is a charity largely funded by government). It provides a convenient atmosphere in which to raise taxes.


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