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My baby is delivered

Postie just delivered the first finished copy of Hops and Glory, hot from the printers.  Boy, it’s a good-looking object. Critics of my blogging style (Hi, Jeff) will be greatly amused by its 458-page girth. What can I say? It would have been more like 700 pages without the tender but firm hand of my publishers who, apart from getting my manuscript down to a sane length, have clothed it and brushed it up to make it look very fine indeed. Thanks, guys.

Four weeks today, it goes out into the world on its own.
I’m so proud!



Woolpack Dave

…mine is also on order, begs the question why if they can get one printed they can’t print more…. I’m guessing they have them embargoed in a warehouse somewhere so people like me can get excited about the release.


458 pages?! It better have some pictures 🙂 This is gonna be part of my holiday reading this year and I’m planning on taking a few bottles of decent IPA to Greece with me so enjoy with it. Nice one, can’t wait to read it.


WD – correct!

To be honest, production has been a bit of a scramble. We fixed the launch date months ago and for a long time we weren’t sure whether we’d meet it! Everyone has burnt the midnight oil and it’s frankly surprising that we got them back so soon. Also, it gives us chance to get copies out to reviewers in the vain hope that when the book is finally released, it might get some coverage around the time of launch.


She looks gorgeous – & just in time for my trip to Canada.
There were a couple of times I didn't think we were going to see it but many, many congrats on finishing!
With regards to your US issues if you wish I can always set up some kind of underground railroad while I'm there to supply the non-Pete Brown US with purest Pete Brown products – I believe this has been done before with 1 or 2 things!

Sid Boggle

ATJ: a real book? Wot, with paper and a cover? 😎

— boggle


That’s a great looking book. The content had better live up to the quality of the cover!

Well done, Pete!


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