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Hops and Glory on the road

Yep, we’re still going, relentlessly bring the delights of IPA, canal barges and container ships to every corner of the UK.

Just added some more dates over here—————->
This week I’m in Bristol, at the Grain Barge, where the Bristol Beer Factory hope to unveil an IPA brewed specially for the event.
Next week it’s Borders up in Leeds, so hoping for a good home crowd. And the week after that, Borders Oxford. Hoping to have Worthington White Shield available at both events.
New dates being added through to October.



Dan Conley

There's no chance you'd be able to, say, pop on over to Buffalo, NY, USA? Just to spice things up. Surely you've been in the UK for too long and are feeling antsy? Yes, Buffalo's just the thing for you.

Mr G.

I'd come and see you in Leeds Pete, but I'll be in Portsmouth ferry terminal about then. For the White Shield if nothing else! I've never tried it – I went into Zak's shop the other day especially, but he says he is struggling to get hold of it. Have a good night.


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