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OK, I am one to blow my own trumpet

People who say, “I’m not one to blow my own trumpet” always follow it with – well – blowing their own trumpet. So I’m not going to try to pretend.

The nice people at Wikio have been in touch again. A few months ago they gave me the exclusive preview of their gastronomy blog rankings, which rank UK blogs using a logarithm that works out how referenced they are – not just hits, but links to, etc.
Shortly after that they split off wine and beer blogs into a separate ranking. The new chart is published this week… and I’m number one! First time I’ve ever scaled such dizzy heights. I’m sure it can’t last, especially after my recent radio silence. Anyway, thanks so much to everyone who reads me and links to me. It’s made such a huge difference to my books sales as well as my ego so it really has had a tangible effect.

1 Pete brown’s blog (+3)
2 Pencil & spoon (+3)
3 Spittoon (-2)
4 Stonch’s beer blog (-1)
5 Brew wales (-3)
6 Tandleman’s beer blog (=)
7 The beer nut (+6)
8 Bibendum wine (+7)
9 Jamie goode’s wine blog (-2)
10 The wine conversation (-2)
11 Impy malting (+15)
12 Pubology (+43)
13 Called to the bar (+6)
14 Woolpack dave’s beer and stuff blog (+3)
15 `it’s just the beer talking` ? jeff pickthall’s blog (+6)
16 The southport drinker (-6)
17 Bubble brothers (-8)
18 Boak and bailey’s beer blog (+14)
19 Tyson’s beer blog (+1)
20 Bordoverview blog (+2)

Ranking by Wikio

And congratulations to Mark Dredge at Pencil and Spoon for soaring up the charts. Relatively new to beer blogging, Mark posts consistently and thoughtfully and does far more than just tasting notes. And he’s been nice about my books too.

I haven’t come across Pubology before but just had a peek and it looks really interesting – all about history and culture. Other bloggers and friends – Jeff Pickthall, Impy Malting and Boak and Bailey – are also showing strongly.
And I don’t normally go in for ‘beer is better than wine’ mudslinging, but beer definitely seems to be up in Blogworld at the expense of wine. Keep it up!




What is this list?! How do they create it? I haven't done a post in about a month (that's pretty much my standard work ethic there). I feel a bit overwhelmed. I'd better write something new!

The Beer Nut

These rankings are effectively based on sociability (ie cross-linking), so of course beer will score higher than wine 🙂

7th place for me — hooray! You're welcome to blow my trumpet any time, Pete.

Woolpack Dave

That's interesting. Wikio hasn't published to the site yet.

I'm up to 14, superb!

I agree with Beer Nut, were all sociable people us beer drinkers. Not sure about blowing other peoples trumpets though, sounds highly dubious…..


Dave,m each month they ask a blogger to reveal the results exclusively before they go up on the site. This month it was me. Because i rule.


Congratulations to all of you, but I am a bit puzzled. If Pubology, with a blog post every other month, can reach this high, they should do something about their criteria IMHO.


Quality, not quantity, Ewan… plus, people keep nicking your photos, and then linking to your blog to acknowledge the theft, which won't be doing you any harm.

I'd never heard of Wikio until beer bloggers started discussing how they'd been ranked, though.


You guys are all pretenders. I've been putting up bullshit about beer on my beer website since 1999 – at least a few years before you blokes. They must have left me off because it's Australian….


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