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Wikio rankings for January 2010

I’ve now agreed with Wikio to be their ‘beer blog monitor’. As such, I get sneak previews of the monthly rankings and keep a lookout for any blogs that should be featured and aren’t.

Whether you think this is a bunch of self-congratulatory mutual backslapping or a credible guide to who’s blog is best, I don’t know many people who can resist a list. I find it alarming when people actually get angry about its very existence – this suggests to me a severe deficit in stuff happening in life offline. At the end of the day, it’s a bit of fun. If you think it’s more than that, have a word with yourself, so here it is – the charts for January:

1 Pencil & Spoon (+1)
2 Pete Brown’s Blog (+1)
3 Brew Dog Blog (-2)
4 Woolpack Dave’s beer and stuff blog (=)
5 Tandleman’s Beer Blog (=)
6 The Pub Curmudgeon (=)
7 The Beer Nut (=)
8 Jeffo’s Beer Blog (=)
9 The Bitten Bullet (+5)
10 `It’s just the beer talking` ? Jeff Pickthall’s Blog (+11)
11 Boak and Bailey’s Beer Blog (+7)
12 Spittoon (-3)
13 Jamie goode’s wine blog (=)
14 Real Ale Reviews (-4)
15 The Wine Conversation (-4)
16 Impy Malting (+3)
17 Brew Wales (-5)
18 Reluctant Scooper (-3)
19 Bibendum Wine (-3)
20 Zythophile (-3)

Ranking by Wikio

Not much movement at all really in the top spots, though I think Brew Dog James’ month on a trawler in the North Sea is a pretty good excuse for slipping down the blog rankings. But congrats to Young Dredge for his perseverance in getting to the top spot – he’s taken a medium and run with it, working incredibly hard. Also nice to see Boak & Bailey, Impy and Jeff moving up.

Anyway, if you have or know of a blog you think should be featured, or if you would like to host the preview of the rankings yourself any time in the next few months, please let me know!



Professor Pie-Tin

So let me get this straight Jeff, who announced in his last blog on January 3rd that he wouldn't be posting again, is the 8th most popular beer blogger in January ?

Cooking Lager is right to take the piss out of the bearded farters brigade.

Pete Brown

Pie Tin,

The blog is still up, and people are still reading it and linking to it. I'm sure it'll slide down the rankings eventually.

That said, as a bearded farter myself, I think you're quite right.


Seems to me you don't have to post much or at all. I've been quiet in Jan and maintained my place. I've never understood Wikio, but nonetheless we all seem hooked into it.

The Beer Nut

It doesn't measure popularity, Prof; it measures "influence". So when everyone did their "Hey look: Jeff stopped stopped blogging" post, his influence soared. Maths, innit.


Does it take a bit of time for this to be shown on the actual Wikio site?

Quick check to see if my blog has changed position (from bottom :P) and it looks like it's the same as last month. Tried Brewdog … that's also got last months ranking.

Being quite new to the world of blogging, I find the Wikio list quite useful. Full of blogs I dont currently read and perhaps could/should.


Pete Brown

Hi Chunk,

It goes up on the wikio site on Friday (tomorrow). Every month a blogger gets the chance to do an exclusive preview. If you want to be that blogger, let me know and I'll slate you in!


There is another way of measuring things, which you can see here – Pete, you're Number One ahead of Herr Protz, and Cooking, YOU, mate, are in for a big, big surprise …


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