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Hops and Glory: Officially back on sale today!

Hope you haven’t minded this week of relentless self-promotion too much, but this is the final post in the series: today is both the first day of Stokey Lit Fest, and the official launch day of the Beer Trilogy in newly jacketed, beautifully produced paperbacks.

So far I’ve discussed the revisions to Man Walks into a Pub and tried to offer a reappraisal of Three Sheets to the Wind.  So what can I tell you about Hops and Glory?

If you’re a regular reader, probably not much more than you already know.  There are no changes to the text (apart from a few name spelling corrections and sorting out the sequencing of some footnotes).

But in its own way, this is the most exciting release of the lot.

Hops and Glory was the first book of mine to be released in hardback.  This was a big status thing for me.  But the thing is, a lot of people don’t like hardbacks.  They’re big and heavy and expensive, and I know a lot of people have very weak wrists.  So today is an exciting day for you!  The paperback edition is MUCH cheaper, MUCH lighter and MUCH smaller!  It’s way better for reading on the beach, in the bath, in bed, on the bus – in fact, anywhere!

The paperback edition of Hops and Glory – you know it makes sense!

I’ll be signing copies of all three of the Beer Trilogy at Stoke Newington Literary Festival this weekend.




I didn't have any trouble reading the hard back on the bus, in fact I'm going to do it again!
btw its 11 months since we brewed the IPA inspired by your brilliant book, and I still have a cask maturing in the cellar.


Hi, I just discovered this lovely blog by chance. I will be back after two weeks in Portugal to read it in depth!
(Just got back from four days in beer-heaven – Belgium).


Just wanted to say, I was finally able to get hold of H&G here in the State and WOW! I'm in love! The best was that I was reading it on my front porch in the summer with a Sam Smiths pub glass full of Dogfish Head 60 minute reading a book about IPA. Heaven. 120 pages in and going strong! Love it, thanks!


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