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Eyes down for a full house!

It’s just a bit of fun, OK?

Have had a rollicking time at the Great British Beer festival this week.  Curiously I haven’t actually been drinking that much beer: had lots of meetings, work presentations and chats around the festival venue, and in between them was greeted by loads of people wanting to say hello, have their copies of Hops and Glory signed and stuff.  Absolutely wonderful and quite humbling, but also utterly knackering over the course of three days.

Anyway, between all the handshaking I’ve been keeping myself amused with a new game I invented called GBBF bingo.  I’ve been posting sights you often see at beer festivals, and asking people to tweet photographic evidence of them if they spot them.  The person who discovers the most gets a pint from me – a full house gets a signed set of my books.  Or just the pint if you’d prefer.

With two days of GBBF to go, the Twitter leader has a mere two.  So I’ve gathered the ‘numbers’ together and designed my own bingo card, below.  If you’re going to GBBF today or tomorrow, print this off and take it with you, capture the evidence, and you could win fantastic prizes!




Well I've seen the lot, but I am working there all week and though that gives me inside info, I claim the prize. I've got all your books, though and I doubt if your esteemed signature will make carrying them around worth it, so a pint it is Mr Brown.


well quite Eddie, there seems a very obvious gap in that list. if your poking considerable fun at others expense you ought to be able to at least poke as much fun at yourself to make it fair, else its just plain being mean otherwise.


Funnily enough, I was thinking when I was there on Thursday about the types you always see and how they could be classified.
You've done a great job.
I was looking at one chap in a humungous sized black t-shirt with something about Mordor from Lord of the Rings on it. I remember thinking how he ticked a 'stereotype' box!
Lovely post, smashing blog!

Martyn Cornell

Wot, no "fat-faced beer writer with greying goatee beard and cream suit reminiscing about what Michael Jackson said to him in the Brugse Beertje in 1989"?


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