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Exclusive: Wikio rankings for July

Yes, it’s the monthly blog post you love to hate: the Wikio rankings!

There have been some changes at Wikio this month so it’s all a little later than usual, but below are the movers and shakers for January 2010, due to be published in the Wikio site on 10th August:

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Beer blogs are now up to 18 of out the top 20 “wine and beer blogs”.  There’s also a creeping increase in the amount of beer coverage in the nationals – Young Dredge is getting some pieces on the Guardian’s Word of Mouth blog, and we’ve had two paid-for beer supplements in national press so far this year.  A few of us have also had more bits in the papers than we’re used to getting.

What do you think – is the beer message finally starting to come through?



Nicholas King

I'm not sure you can read too much into the fact that there are so few wine blogs in the listing. As far as I casn tell, the UK wine doesn't really seem to have a particularly active blogging community. However the spate of articles in the national media on beer is certainly really exciting.


I think that even that fact that we do much better than Wine bloggers proves our edict that Beer is much more accessible!!


I think it is, or at least progress is being made, but quality could trip it all up. Choice is fine, but we need to ensure the quality is there.

Sid Boggle

Ahem. Wednesday 11th, actually. Wikio seem to be having some trouble posting the numbers.

Maybe they should skip August and go on to September…


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