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The Two Peters venture into the world of video blogging

Peter Amor is a very nice man.  25 years ago he set up the Wye Valley Brewery, which brews some very nice beers indeed.  Earler this year, once the silver jubilee celebrations had died down, he decided he wanted to give something back to the industry he´d built his livelihood on.  He wanted to do something to help celebrate British beer.

Ian Hudson, a former brewery employee, had by this time set up a film production conmpany.  So Ian and Peter started talking, then contacted me with a view to making some kind of film that sang the praises of British beer.

After kicking a few ideas around, we decided to start off by making a series of video blogs.  Once a month, we will be filming in a particular region of the UK, to produce monthly pairs of blogs.  I believe (though I may be wrong) that these represent a bit of a depatrture for V-Blogging in that they´re made with a full film crew and hopefully therefore have a veneer of professionalism to them. 

They´re not necessarily aimed at a beer geek audience but at a more general public, and we´re exploring ways to give them a wider reach in an age where TV channels won´t commission many serious content about beer.  So if you´re a fellow beer blogger and you´re thinking ´this is rally basic stuff´ – fine, but it´s not basic to most people.  The featured beers will be limited to cask ales, because that´s what Peter´s passionate about and he´s paying the bills.  But in today´s brewing scene, limiting it to cask is hardly a hardship.     

My bit is easy.  I have to select a few beers from that region, drink them, and talk about them on camera.  We decided to do the first one from Nottingham, home of the 2010 Champion Beer of Britain, Harvest Pale.  Here are the results.  Apart from convincing me of the urgent need for a diet, I´m quite pleased. 

Pete Brown’s British Beer Blog from Ian Hudson Films on Vimeo.

Mr Amor has a harder task.  He has to explain the history and production of beer, the ingredients and the process. Here´s his first one.

Peter Amor’s British Brewing Blog from Ian Hudson Films on Vimeo.

We´re quite pleased with the results for a first go.  Next month we´re in Wales.  If you think we should come and see you, let me know!




Smashing. Really brings it to life.

Loved Peter Amors one in particular – love seeing how things are made and how things work.

Hope you will be visting our neck of the woods (Cumbria) – we have some great breweries up here to be sampled (as well as some lovely rain). You and Mr Pickthall should have debate in the merits of the sparkler.

Baron Orm

Two excellent videos full of great information, the only shame was I was at work when watching you quaff pint after pint! 🙁

Looking forward to the next lot of vids…

Cooking Lager

Video beer blogging is the future that has arrived. Zak Avery will be seen as the prophet that began the journey and all will follow. Top stuff, Pete. Loving it.

Rob Derbyshire

Just what the blog needed. As great as your writing is the content can become a bit industry centric and serious for my tastes.

Entertaining and informative with a friendly tone.
Loved it can't wait til next month.

Was Terry Jones just there in the pub? When he came over to Bradford for film festival where I work we took him out to the Fighting Cock. A great real ale pub in Bradford (I'm sure you've been) the locals couldn't believe their eyes? Lots of confused faces.


Hey pete!
You are welcome to come and visit Rotters brewery- we are only a brewpub but i am making an IPA on monday (which is down your alley i believe).. Should be just about ready for when you are in Wales. Good luck with your project!
Ps i am the guy who asked you what your favorite Clash album was..

Paul Bailey

Well done the pair of you. I thoroughly enjoyed both videos; must have been fun for you guys making them as well!

Look forward to the next ones.

Mark, Real-Ale-Reviews.com

Pete, you've a great opportunity to do something special for beer particularly for local areas.
Personally I couldn't give two hoots about watching you experience mouth feel live on camera, but would love to see you find out more about the stories behind these beers, pubs and towns that you visit.

Martyn Cornell

Excellent, Pete – would someone like the Guardian not link to the series, since they carried that rather good video (admittedly done by their own people) featturing the Meantime brewery?

Beer Beauty

Verrrrrrrrry nice vids (says a fellow vlogger). Can't wait to see the next ones 🙂 More, more, more! Pete B made me quite jealous with knocking all those ales back. Pete A = great journey. PS Your hat's real cute!

James Allen

Only just seen these – really good. I can see the TV series already. It was such a shame to see you drinking alone all the time though – you need a posse!

Mark, Real-Ale-Reviews.com

Didn't have time to watch Pete Amor's first time around. Just did and very good stuff, nice to see everything from the maltings to the hop fields and yeast laboratory in there.

I'm sure the bow tie and hat will grow on me!

P.S. Will every blog feature Terry Jones? Or is Palin next? Cleese?!


Wow, really well produced. Top stuff. Would be great to see you visit/drink/talk about some of the smaller regional breweries out there too.



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