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Wikio Wine and Beer Blog Rankings for October 2010

There hasn’t been much movement of late in the blog rankings.  I blogged a few months ago that it seemed to have gone a little stale.

Well, be careful what you wish for:

Wikio.co.uk  – November Wine and Beer Ranking

1 Boggle About Beer (+39)
2 Pencil & Spoon (=)
3 Brew Dog Blog (=)
4 Pete Brown’s Blog (-3)
5 Zythophile (+5)
6 Tandleman’s Beer Blog (+1)
7 Beer Reviews (+1)
8 The Pub Curmudgeon (-4)
9 Called to the bar (=)
10 Master Brewer at Adnams (+34)
11 Are You Tasting the Pith? (-5)
12 Woolpack Dave’s beer and stuff blog (-7)
13 The Beer Nut (=)
14 Rabid About Beer (+15)
15 Thornbridge Brewers’ Blog (-1)
16 Boak and Bailey’s Beer Blog (-5)
17 Bibendum Wine (+37)
18 The Wine Conversation (+15)
19 Spittoon (-4)
20 Brew Wales (-8)

Wine and Beer

Ranking made by Wikio.co.uk

Congratulations, Boggle!  Up from number 40 to the top of the pile!  A very busy month from me does nothing to stop me sliding to my lowest ever position after nearly a year on top, and there’s all sorts of moving and shaking going on throughout the chart.  Sadly, Cooking Lager’s campaign to install Zak at the top of the chart also seems to have backfired, with Mr Avery slipping five places.

Call me arrogant if you like, but I did check with Wikio, they’ve been through the data very carefully and have confirmed that the rankings are correct.

Time to maybe check out some blogs you don’t normally read!



Cooking Lager

I'd like to defend the efforts of Team Avery. I believe all those that got behind the effort should not take this as evidence of failure. Arguably the position of Zak's blog would have been even lower had it not been for the efforts of all involved.

Where Zak went wrong, indeed where your own blog went wrong is in not having enough Frank Sidebottom related content. If you and Zak do your beer blogs with a Frank Sidebottom head on I believe you will regain your positions.

Being the glory hunter I am, I think I'm now a proud "Team Boggle" supporter. Go Boggle !

Sid Boggle

I'm blushing over here. I've no idea how they compile the numbers. I've read the blurb but it makes no sense, and I've also looked at the Martyn Cornell alternatives.

I did get over 4,000 page hits on Saturday evening and Sunday because of the Frank Sidebottom/Selfridges fuss, so my ranking could be said to be due to not writing about beer. I expect I'll be back around the 40's again next month…

Martyn Cornell

Go Sid! Good to see Fergus from Adnams deservedly doing well, too, but why no Stuart Howe from Sharps in the top 20, I wonder? His blog is definitely on my "not to miss" list.


Perhaps a postage for The Dabbler would help boost your score (hint hint).

I entirely agree with your thoughts on drugs and alcohol below, btw.

Dave Thackeray

About time we had a new face leering down on us pretenders from on high. This is evidently the price you pay for being the face of ale, Mr Brown.

On an aside, I wish Cooking Lager would helm the league of idle imbibers. His style is more refreshing than the pollutants over which he eulogises, and it's precisely his novel descriptives that would turn on an army of sceptics to the land of delicious brown beverages.


Possibly something to do with Sid Boggle's campaign against Selfridges using the image of Frank Sidebottom drawing in a lot of outside links?


Still not up on the site! When do the non-top-20 plebs get to know about these rankings, that's what I want to know… mutter, grumble…


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