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Social Media Beer Tasting – Tonight! In fact, in about 7 minutes!

Social media and the world’s most sociable drink: and the explosion in beer blogging has shown, the two go together like Worthington White Shield and Keen’s cheddar.

This week is world Social Media Week.  Real world events across a whole host of subjects are happening in Glasgow, Chicago, Vancouver, Milan, Berlin, LA, Beirut, Bogota, Sao Paolo, Buenos Aries and Moscow, and being broadcast in real time.

Right now I’m at the WEST brewery in Glasgow, which is hosting a social media beer tasting.

I’ll be tasting beers and meeting the brewers of WEST, Harviestoun, Magic Rock and Kelburn, tasting their beers and talking to them about their beers, beer generally, social media, and anything else that comes to mind.

It’s being filmed and broadcast live, and you can see it here.  And if you can’t get the same beers as us, get a different beer!  We’ll also be monitoring the #smwbeer hashtag on Twitter, and unless you’re being rude about our personal appearance we’ll probably work in some of your tweets to the discussion, in a gigantic virtual feedback loop of beery social medianess.

So open a cold one and come and join us!

Here’s the video of the event if anyone wants to relive it!

Watch live streaming video from smw_glasgow2 at livestream.com



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