World’s Best Cider: Taste, Tradition and Terroir, from Somerset to Seattle

The Blurb

World’s Best Cider is the first book to showcase the world of cider, from its origins as a thirst-quencher for farm workers to its present as a rival to champagne.
Travelling from the Old to the New World and teaching us not only how to taste it but how to cook with it, Pete Brown and Bill Bradshaw explore every aspect of this fascinating drink and the people who produce it. Here you’ll discover what Johnny Appleseed really planted, find out what the Magners’ effect is and learn why perry is a miracle drink.
Beginning in the sidrerias of Asturias, Spain, where cider has been part of the culture for thousands of years, the authors then travel north to Normandy and Brittany in France, to the famous cider regions of Somerset, the Three Counties and Wales in the UK and then across the Atlantic, to New England and Quebec where cider is being re-invented, taken out of bars and into restaurants. Over 200 ciders are described in detail, with tasting notes, and illustrated with hundreds of Bill Bradshaw’s inspiring and beautiful photographs.
This is a story that has never been told. It is a story that will appeal to the novice and the expert alike.

Behind the Blurb

Cider to me is the world’s most misunderstood drink. And it’s misunderstood in different ways wherever you find it. After ten years writing about beer cider seemed like the next obvious thing for me to explore, and when I met Bill Bradshaw, award-winning photographer, Somerset resident and cider aficionado, it all fell into place. We quickly realised no one had written a cider equivalent of the many beautifully produced guides you can buy to beer, wine or pretty much any other drink, so we decided to remedy that. We realised that in each of the world’s great cider cultures, people had an inward looking approach and didn’t really compare and contrast themselves with other cultures around the world – in many cases, people who make and drink cider in one country are unaware there’s anyone else doing it! So we brought it altogether for the first time.


Fortnum & Mason Drinks Book of the Year 2014