Consultancy Services

With my background in advertising and brand consultancy and my in-depth knowledge of the market as a writer, I provide a unique combination of skills to offer brewers, drinks marketers, and their agencies. I’ve worked with a wide range of brands including Heineken, Stella Artois, Young’s, Robinson’s, Magner’s, Guinness and Marston’s, as well as advertising, brand strategy and design agencies in London, Europe, Africa and the USA.

Drop me a note if you’d be interested in discussing the possibility of me helping with anything like the following services.

Marketing Strategy

Whether it’s developing or relaunching a brand from the beginning or simply acting as a sounding board for ideas, I’m experienced at all aspects of strategic brand development and execution, with twenty years marketing experience. I was a board-level strategist before I gave it up to spend more time writing.

Market Overview & Trends Analysis

The beer and cider markets are moving ahead at a frenetic pace and people’s levels of knowledge and appreciation are constantly evolving. I do my best to stay on top of this and offer insight and perspective.

Market Research

I am an experienced qualitative research moderator and have designed, run and debriefed research for clients including Marston’s, Robinsons and Magner’s.

Pitch Consultancy

If you’re an agency pitching for a beer or cider you need a crash course in the market, trends, current thinking etc. You might also need an outside head to sense-check your ideas before presenting them.

New Product Development

From analysing trends and spotting gaps in the market to coming up with ideas that will work, that people might actually want to drink, and developing these ideas into concepts for research and testing.


Whether it’s bar staff who need to learn how to talk to consumers about beer or executives responsible for beer brands suddenly realising they don’t know their hops from their sparger, I can offer tuition in how beer is made, where it comes from, how to taste it, talk about it and serve it.


I’ve written corporate brochures, brewery histories and brewery tours – though not always using my name as an endorsement.

Retail Consultancy

If you want a range of beers and/or ciders that stands out from your competitors but you don’t know how to put it together, I can help tailor a range of drinks as well as recommendations for food matching.