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Don’t mess down the Rake

With thanks to my mate BLTP/Gargarin for bringing this to my attention, there was a story in the Guardian the other day about how former manufactured band singer, M&S pants model and all-round national treasure Myleene Klass has been cautioned by police after brandishing a kitchen knife at youths who were in her garden, peering through the windows, late at night.

Leaving aside the Daily Mail-lite debate on the wisdom of regarding such behaviour as criminal or not, Ms Klass is clearly quite tasty in more than one sense of the word.
The best bit about it though is that to illustrate the story the Guardian used a photo of Myleene they had on file. BLTP, eagle-eyed as ever, quickly spotted where the photo had been taken:
Want some, do yer?
The Rake does occasionally get a few twats in being raucous. And while the staff certainly don’t need any help in handling this kind of behaviour, if I was Glyn I’d be sticking up this press clipping as a deterrent to anyone who fancied creating a bit of bother. I for one would certainly obey anything Myleene said…