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Adventures in the Nature of Beer

From the publisher:

Beer is the third most popular drink on the planet, yet few people know the full story behind its four ingredients. In his new book Miracle Brew, Pete Brown—an award-winning British beer writer who has been called the “beer drinker’s Bill Bryson” by the Times Literary Supplement—presents a complete natural history of beer and emphasizes the importance of place—or terroir—that each ingredient brings to the finished glass. He travels from the vast hop gardens of the Yakima Valley in Washington State to Bamberg in the heart of Bavaria, where malt smoked over an open flame creates beer that tastes like liquid bacon. In lively and witty fashion, Brown explores traditional malting techniques, the evolution of modern hop breeding, water chemistry, and the miraculous catalyst that is fermentation to show how craft beer brewing has become a part of the local food movement and is redefining how the world perceives beer.


Meet and drink with Pete and reveal the magic of beer and celebrate the joy of drinking it!

Tickets are $20 and include:
— One pint of beer/cider
— Passed Harpoon pretzels