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May Vlog: East Anglia

I think we’re quite slick in a rather chilled out way on our latest Vlog.

Peter Amor takes his bow-tie to Elgoods, a brewery like you have truly never seen before, that’s over 200 years old.  The young whippersnappers who took it over are now in their fifth generation, and there’s a lovely laid-back feel to Peter’s brewery chat.

I got to go to the Fat Cat in Norwich.  Norwich is a bit out of the way so the Fat Cat doesn’t get talked about in the same breathless terms as North Bar, Rake, Cask & Kitchen, Sheffield Tap etc, but it’s been doing the same thing as those places for much longer – 20 years this year to be exact.  Thirty cask ales on at any one time, and over 50 bottled craft beers from around the world.  How can they get the throughput they need to keep so many casks on?  Well, despite being in a sleepy Norwich suburb, it’s packed – all the time.  We were filming on a Thursday mid-afternoon and it felt like a Friday night.  A truly great pub, worth braving even East Anglia Trains for.

Next month we’re going to Cornwall to visit St Austell brewery.  If you think there’s a pub as good as the last ones we’ve been to in the vicinity, let me know!