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Pub Fact – or Fiction? The first in an occasional series

Thought it might be a nice idea to share a query with you I had from a Canadian reader.

Voytek writes:
“My wife thinks that it used to be customary for some pubs to play “God save the queen” at closing time, sort of a tradition for the last call. Have you heard anything about it? Is it still practiced or maybe we’re talking about something from the past?” 
Have to say I’ve never heard of it, and thinking about how recently recorded music has become a feature of pubs, I can’t see it being a tradition unless it was the landlord singing or someone playing it on the piano.  Can anyone prove me wrong?

That got me thinking – anyone know any other quirky old pub rituals, last orders and time-calling eccentricities?  The pub is losing a little of its individuality thanks to transitory bar staff who see it as just a job and often seem to expect you to know when last orders and time is called by nothing other than telepathy.  It would be great to capture a few stories…