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Free Beer

I’m half way through a mini-tour of UK bookshops promoting my new book “Three Sheets to the Wind: One Man’s Quest for the Meaning of Beer”.

The idea is we taste a few beers, and I read passages from the book that have a tenuous link with the beer in hand. Then we talk about how great the beers are. And hopefully people buy copies of the book and I try to think of something amusing to write in the front.

Future dates are:

Thurs 6th July – Borders, Oxford Street, London, 7pm. All beers kindly supplied by the Meantime Brewery, Greenwich

Saturday 8th July – Taste of Birmingham, at the Speciality Beer Academy – 2.30pm and 8.30pm. International beers supplied by www.specialityBEERmerchants.com

Thursday 20th July – Borders, Bournemouth, 7pm. Beers supplied by the Badger brewery (Hall & Woodhouse)

Wednesday 26th July – Ottakars, Salisbury, 7.30pm. Beers supplied by www.specialityBEERmerchants.com

Thursday 27th July – Ottakars, Greenwich, 7.30pm. Beers supplied by the Meantime Brewery

Come along! Taste some amazing beer!




Three Sheets is one of the most wonderfully humanist books I’ve read. The Barnsley chapter was a highlight for me; I grew up in Chapeltown near there. And a perfect advertisement for beer culture.

Pete Brown

There will be a couple more events in the Autumn, probably in the north of England. But if you think your local bookshop would be interested, get them to get in touch!



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