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Cask Ale Sector Report


One of the nice things about the British Cask Ale industry is its diversity and lack of corporate bastards. The only problem with this is that it can be criticised for not speaking with one voice.

This has now changed.

A consortium made up of brewers regional and local, CaskMarque and CAMRA, commissioned me to pool all existing knowledge on the market for cask ale, and mine it for new insights. The results are at the URL above. You can download a PDF of the report. Please do. Hopefully it will be informative.



Melissa Cole

Brown! I know you’re trying to journey around the world, with exploding casks and all that but why the fuck didn’t I know about this report?! Honestly you selfish, selfish bastard, when are you going to get your priorities right!!!!!!!!!! (he he he he!)

So sorry to hear about Barry’s demise – try to think of it as all grist to the creative mill or perhaps you could look at it like raising two children, the youngest invariably gets doted on more!

Or even better be smug that my trip to Brazil has been postponed/could be cancelled, oh and I’ve got a cold, a commissioning editor left a ranting voice mail today for no good reason and it’s been foggy here up until about 2pm – feeling better yet? I hope so, I on the other hand am thinking about ending it all after re-reading that list! All I can promise is that I will take Mika with me if the opportunity presents itself! xx


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