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We made it!

Well, as far as India anyway.

12 weeks after leaving Burton, I find myself in Mumbai. After five weeks of monastic isolation on the container ship, going stir crazy and risking scurvy from the dire food, Mumbai has stunned me into a numb daze. I can’t cope with all the people!

The beer survived. We find out how it tastes on Friday 7th December, at a trade show in Delhi.

So many tales to tell. If you ever decide to arrive in India by sea port, make sure you have plenty of US dollars with you. Cost me $275 to get off the ship and out of the port, and that’s without them knowing about the beer. Of course, iot was all high;y illegal, but the alternative was staying on the ship unhtil Durban ands missing India altogether. Apart from missing the point of the whole exercise, I couldn’t stand another portion of the cook’s charred liver and soggy mash.

More updates soon. I am dying for a decent beer…




I’m surprised people were willing to accept the US dollars – they’re only worth about tuppence these days! If they were a bit more savvy they’d be after Euros.

Melissa Cole

Hiya babe, pleased you’ve got to Mumbai – I tasted some of your beer that didn’t make the journey and have put some notes on my blog after trying it at the White Horse’s Old Ale Festival last weekend – hope it’s of interest.



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