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Do YOU know Bodie’s local?

I had an intriguing request a couple of weeks ago from a lady in need. Jan Holloway is reseraching an exhaustive book on the classic seventies TV series The Professionals, which among other things includes pretty much every location used in the filming of the series. There’s one location that she can’t trace, however- a north London pub.

We all know pubs have been refurbished many times over the years, but this one has a central bar and – something that may still be there – a distinctive wooden frieze (below). It’s in a N or NW postcode.

I know this is like looking for a needle in a haystack – it may not even be a pub any more – but Ms Holloway is in Coventry, and she’s disabled, so she can’t do the research herself. The book is almost ready to go to print and this is the last, niggling bit she can’t find. Any ideas at all, please post below!




she should also send it to Robert Elms at BBC radio London it could be sort of thing his audience could help with particularly as the photos are extensive. he does this sort fo thing most days. Also the Camera pub watch lot.
It may not by in London though Morses house isn’t in oxford, del boy’s flat is in Bristol not peckham.

On this subject whats’ people favourite fictional pubs and Bars:
1. pub in withnail and I (lake district)
2. cantina in star wars.
3. the green dragon in Lord of the rings
4. any sweeny boozer (beer would be poor though)
5. The bull in the archers


Morses house isn’t in oxford

Indeed – in one episode he’s seen making Lewis buy him a pint in the Fighting Cocks in St Albans.

I recognise that mirror, though – and it’s an Ind Coope pub (spot the Skol lager taps …)


Pete try Jeff Evans, he’s the editor of the Penguin Guide to Tv and might know something.
re Morse, if I remember rightly in the Masonic Mysteries episode there’s a lot of views of St Albans.


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