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American Beers at the White Horse

Looks like I picked the wrong weekend to visit my folks back in Yorkshire…

From Friday 4th (US Independence Day) to Sunday 6th, the celebrated White Horse in Parson’s Green is hosting its first American Beer Festival. We don’t get enough American micros in the UK and this is a great opportunity to try old favourites, some of the growing number of British beers inspired by the American way with the hop, and a few beers that haven’t left the US before now, including a few in cask.

I’m celebrating my 40th birthday there the following Saturday, so if there are any REALLY nice beers, if you could only have one of them and not tell anyone else about them, so there’s plenty left, it would be really appreciated.

They’ve got American bands on and even line dancig at some point, but don;t let that put you off. The full range of beers is as follows:

*Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA (in cask and keg)
*Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere Harvest Ale (in cask)
Sierra Nevada Porter (in cask)
Sierra Nevada IPA (in cask)
*Sierra Nevada ESP (in cask)
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
Sierra Nevada Brown Ale
Sierra Nevada Bigfoot
Sierra Nevada Blonde
Sierra Nevada Summerfest Lager
Flying Dog Gonzo
Flying Dog Doggie Pale Ale
Flying Dog Old Scratch
Anchor Liberty
Anchor Steam

Crouch Vale Amarillo
Durham White Amarillo
Saltaire Cascade Pale Ale
Roosters Yankee
Roosters Outlaw Amarillo
Roosters Cream
Roosters Special
Acorn Sunstorm
Acorn Cascade IPA
Oakleaf Whole Hearted
Archers IPA
Bowman Quiver
Dark Star American Pale Ale
Ascot Posh Pooch
Ascot Alligator Ale
Ascot Wheatsheaf
Thornbridge Jaywick
Thornbridge Jaipur
Thornbridge Ashford
Abbeydale Brimstone
Kelham island Pale Rider
Goose Eye Chinook
Oakham JHB

* Denotes beers that are leaving the US for the first time




That line up look awesome.I love Sierran Nevada Pale Ale, Bigfoot and Anchor Liberty. There are some english beers no to be missed, I love the Outlaw range and everything from Dark Star.


One small note Matt…….it’s definately Sierra Nevada ESP – Extra Special Pale.

They harvest the green hops once a year and then dry hop the original Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. First time the beer has ever left the States, and it was fantastic!


Wow… shame I missed it.. that line up is ALMOST worth the journey down from Scotland.

One other note about American Beers…

Went to TGI Fridays and amongst all the bars in Edinburgh there was a true gem!

Samuel Adams Lager!


Mario (Brewed for Thought)

Just a comment on the ESP and ESB debate. Apparently there’s a weaker, less hopped version of the Pale that supposedly goes by the name of ESP in some circles. The ESB (Early Spring Beer) is commonly found in bottles all over California. I know, it’s a rough chore, drinking all these readily available beers, but someone’s got to do it.


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