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Hopping into the US… or not.

Disappointing news – for me at any rate – from New York: American editors like Hops and Glory, but not enough to commission it for a US publication.

Frustrating, because I’m getting daily messages from people in the US asking me for news about a possible release over there.
If you or anyone you know has contacts with a publisher who is a little more friendly to the idea of beer books (I know there are some – the evidence is on the study shelves behind me) then please let me know.




You should talk to fellow blogger and beer author Stan Hieronymus — he’s currently doing a book on wheat beers. Lots of folks have found a good outlet with Brewer’s Publications here in the US; quality of the books are very high, though from the author’s point of view probably not much $$ in it there. Where are Charlie Papazian’s books? That might be a good outlet.


I guess that means Canada too, shame.
I guess I’ll be buying it online.
Even though it’s doubtful you got around to trying Calgary’s Wildrose IPA, which, while I might be biased towards hometown brew, is still my favorite IPA, and I’ve tried lots of them.
Good luck with the book.


Shoshidge – not so!

My Uk publishing deal covers Commonwealth – and that includes Canada. The book is definitely being distributed over there.

Joe – you’re right about Stan. he may be my saviour…


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