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Hopping into Canada (I know, that’s enough ‘hopping’ post titles)

Seems the US is not quite dead and buried – agent says there are still avenues to try.

But in the meantime, anyone massively keen to read Hops and Glory can get it via amazon.ca.  The book is on release in Canada – and according to Amazon it’s release date is set for 1st August.  It’s available for pre-order, and currently on offer for an absurdly reasonable $17 Canadian.



Velky Al

Happy days! Have pre-ordered a copy to be sent to my in-laws in South Carolina. Looking forward to reading it.

Mario (Brewed for Thought)

Absurdly reasonable? I can usually buy 500 sheets of toilet paper for $1, and here’s you’re offering 288 for $17?!

(Cue the rimshot)

Good to know. Canada is always there to provide us Americans with the things were dearly need. Marijuana, cheap pharmaceuticals and now, Pete Brown.


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