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H&G Update

The initial launch may have settled down but I’m continuing to flog my new book up and down the country.

If you’re going to the White Horse American Beer Festival, I’m there tomorrow all afternoon, signing books and chatting from around 5pm.
The following day I’m back in Burton-on-Trent, signing in Waterstone’s in town from noon for about two hours.
Then, next week I’m at the Derby Beer Festival opening reception on Wednesday 8th, and am giving a reading the following day at Sheffield’s fantastic Devonshire Cat pub.
reviews are now also starting to trickle in slowly, and people seem to like it!  The Times calls it “big beery fun”, and the London Review of Books claims it’s “as enlightening as it is entertaining.”  Both reviews are short and sweet – for a bit more depth, check out ATJ, Semi-Dweller, and an epic four-parter from Alan McCleod!




Just finished it this weekend amd it was a great read. As my agent said, "Wish you'd thought of it" but I'm too lazy to have actually done it, anyway!


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