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Binge drinking horror – they’re at it again

The Sun is concerned that Britain’s teenagers are drinking themselves to death.  There are some disturbing statistics out there about underage drinkers, though the bit everyone seems not to be able to see is the FACT that the numbers of underage people who are drinking is FALLING. (Thanks to BLTP for pointing out the BBC’s hilariously bad, unprofessional scaremongering on this dreadful news, complete with picture of youngster grimly drinking themselves to death on beer).

But The Sun wants to stop this… um… declining problem, before it’s too late.  And what do they illustrate this story with?  Go on, guess.  Yep, a pint of real ale being handed over at that well-known underage drinkers’ hangout, the Great British Beer Festival




And they were probably running a full page advert elsewhere in the paper promoting an outrageously cheap deal on lager at the local supermarket.

Anyway Pete, you better watch what you say about the Sun, unless you don't use a mobile phone….


My favourite from the Sun this week (heard on the Now Show). Sun headline Barmy Council bans pupils bringing egg boxes and toilet rolls for arts & crafts – sounds bad! Real story council says pupils are not to bring DIRTY egg boxes and toilet rolls. Never let the truth get in the way of a good story!


Is this the same Sun that back in 2002 ran a "Hands Off Our Booze Cruises" campaign which they claimed was "so successful we have high hopes Customs bullies will allow you your legal right to bring back all the booze (and cigarettes) you want for your own consumption"?


On the other hand, having seen the picture online, maybe CAMRA’s outreach policy to the youth of today is paying dividends…

Cooking Lager

A week or two ago the Sun were offering £5 off Morrison’s tokens. Coupled with a special offer on grog it made for a striking and unmissable opportunity load up with crates of cheap lout.


low up: I posted a comment on the Sun's website criticising their use of the pic featured, saying we all know it's not real ale that's the problem – come on, do your jobs properly. The Sun have censored this comment and chosen not to display it with all the other comments on their website. I've no idea why.


I liked the subhead in the BBC news page, 'Regrettable sex'. I'm going to get tanked-up tonight and see if I get me some of that.


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