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Hops and Glory readings

Anyone who was planning on coming to Oxford to see me tonight – I got the date wrong! It’s actually tomorrow night, 14th August, Oxford Borders, 6pm.

Still adding new dates so check out the list to the right.




"9th/10th October – Greater Manchester Real Ale Festival"

Actually the Manchester Food and Drink Festival. I'll see you there. I'm looking after the beer and doing a bit of judging in the Greater Manchester Beer of the Year – or whatever we call it. I think you might be invited to judge too!


Cheers Attila! I remember you playing out un ion when i was at uni in the late 80s. this is indeed an honour. And the Steyning gig was one of the best I've done all summer.

I'm a massive fan of Dark Star and was talking to Mark just yesterday at Thornbridge. And have been speaking to Paul about doing something next spring down at the brewery. Hope to see you there!

As for Coors… well, there's probably a heated political debate to be had about the difference between views on large corporations versus sound and wonderful people who work inside them.


Nigel – sorry I couldn't speak longer at Green Man. Thanks for coming along to the reading!

Tandleman – I am judging in Manchester – look forward to seeing you there

Attila the Stockbroker

In this case, Pete, it's not just their right wing politics, it's the fact that they (like their competitors) brew the urine of Satan! I do take the bit about good people in large corporations – but small independents RULE! Or rather, they don't, but should. And the biggies don't need anyone's help, even if they do occasionally make a good beer
(or one good batch of something that normally tastes like the water our goldfish lives in, in the case of a certain award winning 'IPA'…..

Attila the Stockbroker

Oh – and why don't you come and talk at our Glastonwick festival next year? It's run by me, Alex 'Independent Imbiber' Hall (now living in NYC and organising all kinds of stuff there) and Dark Star..


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