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Drink is evil. Again. Oh no it’s not. Again.

Been away researching what will hopefully be my next book – a non-beer book! And back in the hot seat to bullshit so familiar it’s almost reassuring.
I don’t want this to become an obsession, but maybe it already has. Our friends at the BBC are up to their usual tricks, using this familiar image today:
to illustrate “Courts get ‘booze ASBO’ powers” to cut down on the scourge of drunken behaviour.
So how did they illustrate the main drinks story this weekend – the new report from the BBPA which shows that alcohol consumption is down, and that Britons drink less alcohol per head than most other European countries. Um… they didn’t. They completely ignored it.
I not anticipating them being too interested either in this new study, which shows that moderate drinkers suffer less depression and anxiety and have better social skills than teetotallers.
If you see any mainstream media outlet covering either of these two positive stories about alcohol consumption, please let me know.



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