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You just can’t win

New figures out today reveal that convictions for drunk and disorderly behaviour have fallen by 80% over the last three decades.

So how does this get reported? As proof that Britain’s binge drinking culture is in long term decline? Evidence that more relaxed licensing laws are encouraging people to drink more responsibly?
Um… no. Of course not.
The only reason convictions have fallen – according to the national press – is that the police are increasingly turning a blind eye to the animal-like behaviour that obviously affects the town centres we don’t actually go and see for ourselves, and are just letting people get away with it.
Glad we’ve got that one clarified.

One Comment

One Comment

Woolpack Dave

I'm surprised nobody commented. I nearly did and then decided a new blog post would be better.

I don't really agree with you on this one. I normally do when you complain about press coverage of alcohol. So that we don't fight about the issue I suggest we just mark our differences as interesting information for further thought.

Either way, it's an important subject.


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