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Beer World Cup – the next round

My Market Kitchen appearance was broadcast last Thursday night, so I can now reveal that, as some people guessed, I squeaked through the first round of the Beer World Cup versus Germany.

The competition breaks down into two parts: a blind tasting of the two beers before we get there, and a studio debate on whose beer culture is the best. The audience score both parts and the combined score produces the winner. Schiehallion actually lost out very narrowly to Paulaner lager in the taste test, confirming my suspicions about how to play this tactically with a mainly female audience not that into beer. I very narrowly won the studio debate.
(Sample dialogue:
Sabine von Reth: “In Germany, in the army you get two litres of free beer every day. The British army doesn’t have this.”
Matt (our chair): “Pete, what do you say to that?”
Me: “If you’re British, don’t join the army. Go to the pub instead.”)
Overall, I won and went through. But I think it was by the very narrowest of margins. Sabine was great. She runs the Bavarian Brewhouse in Old Street, London. They’re currently having an Oktoberfest there, with bands flow in from Munich. I suggest you go. I will be.
Anyway, next week we record the semi-final. I’m up against America, so this could get messy. I don’t know the person I’m up against, but they could bring either the blandest, most boring beer in the world or something very good indeed. What will the audience go for? Will they recognise greatness?
I need to choose another beer to go up against them. And if I get through, I need a range of six beers for the final. I can’t duplicate beers. So do I sacrifice one of our finest beers for the semi, choosing something I believe can beat whatever the Yanks throw at us? Or do I save the best for the final and play tactically? And why is British beer culture so much better than American beer culture?
These are the questions that will preoccupy me till October 7th…



Kelly Ryan

Good luck, hope it goes well! I say get out the big guns and pull out the best beer you can find, am sure the Americans will bring something pretty grand…

Woolpack Dave

Yes, a toughie I think, the Americans have sure got some magnificent beers. Their craft beer culture has a lot going for it as well. Best of luck.

But an audience of people who don't really care much for beer? That's a bit unfair isn't it?


tactically and please forgive any stereotyping but with audience how about a fruit beer? Basically you want to get through to the final to talk about the six best beers so how about one of the badger breweries fruitier lighter blonde ales?
As to why where better than the yanks well whatever they do they make bud which is rank. And basically and to get all school yard they're a bunch of "copies".


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