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Cask Report update

Amazing response to the Cask Report – we printed 10,000 copies and they’ve all gone. Hopefully printing more.

The Publican‘s Dan Pearce came along to the launch on Monday and brought his clever little phone. He did a video and put it on YouTube. Apart from convincing me to go on a diet and detox for a month before I ever allow myself to be filmed again, it’s quite good:




Hi Pete

It's Kristy from BitterSweet Partnership. Just read your Cask Ale report and it's a good read, page 28 was my favourite, thanks for picking up on our research.

It's interesting that you think cask ale has a better image than lager amongst women, I think it's a fair point and certainly is doing a great job of recruiting new female drinkers in some places – tellingly in those places though that invest in educating their customers about different beer styles.

Our research showed that women think there’s an imbalance between the information available about wine and information about beer. Around a quarter of women said that ‘they never know which type of beer to buy or order’ and as a result see all beer styles as the same, cask ale or lager.

At BitterSweet we'd really welcome more education in pubs to show just how diverse the beer category is and encourage more women to try a beer!!


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