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Oh, for fuck’s sake

From an article in today’s Sunday Times:

“A forthcoming audio adaptation of Doctor Who dropped a reference to a character being drunk, partly because it could encourage children to hit the bottle. The character was instead described as being merry and cheerful.”

From yesterday’s Daily Mail (thanks Jeff Pickthall):
“Deals like M&S food and wine for two ‘fuelling middle class alcohol abuse’.”
Can the least person leaving the planet please turn out the lights?





1. Because I've studied the history of prohibition in great detail for my books and this is how it starts – actually, this is us quite far along the way. The first condition for prohibition is that it becomes societally acceptable before any legislation is passed, and we're travelling along that road very quickly. We'll never have total prohibition again, but I'm sure you wouldn't enjoy your job nearly as much if you were forced to run your pub along Swedish lines. (Mrs PBBB was in last night, by the way – she loved the Proper Job. Loved it a little too much in fact.)

2. Because I hate to be made to feel a pariah for my behaviour, especially if it's undeserved. For better or worse I'm insecure and need external validation.

3. Because I feel ethically compelled – I know of no other issue where the whole news media is in wilful collusion to distort the truth to this extent and it scares me and should be resisted.

4. Because I'm a writer. This is what I do. This is a relevant topic in my sphere of influence. Given that this was my second post in a week on the same topic I covered it in the style I thought was most appropriate and effective – I thought you'd like the short impactful blog post because you usually go on at me for overwriting! 😉

5. Who's overreacting here?


"I know of no other issue where the whole news media is in wilful collusion to distort the truth to this extent."

This does seem to be true. But why? Is the media solely populated by prudish, puritanical, neo-prohibitionists?

The politicians aren't so far behind. Remind me: how many bars are there in the Palace of Westminster? A case of do as I say not as I do, perchance?

Jeff Rosenmeier


Are we really that close to prohibition? I have a hard time believing that the government could absorb the loss of revenue that the demon drink brings in.

I was kind of hoping for prohibition, therefore myself and others skilled in the arts could stand a chance of making a living at it. 😉


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