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Thunderbird Zero – you’re fired.

Just realised I can’t bring myself to use this picture any more after today.

It might be funny, but I love Thunderbirds. It was my favourite show when I was growing up. You know what? It still is.
International Rescue helped people. They saved lives. Made the world a better place. This man is an disgrace to the uniform. It’s an insult to Scott, Alan, Gordon, Brains and especially Virgil to associate this fucking moron, this retard, with their legacy any longer. (And yes, I know ‘retard’ is politically incorrect. But not as politically incorrect as ‘cunt’, which is the only other word I can think of.)
I hereby proclaim that Alistair Darling is off the SupermarionationTM roll-call forthwith.
I was going to do a post sounding off about the budget in detail, but what’s the point? Everyone else from CAMRA and BBPA to the entire UK beer blogosphere is venting their spleen, and I agree with them, but I’ve nothing additional to say. I have been thinking about where we go from here though. And I plan to write quite a bit about that, real soon.




The UK must now have about the highest alcohol duties in the EU (excluding Norway, Sweden and Finland). Does anyone have any stats to back this up?

rabbi lionheart

I'm not sure exactly what's happened here. 1.5 minutes of internet searching wasn't enough to understand. All I know is if I were not allowed to wear that sweet uniform ever again, I would burn myself alive in it.


we all know that this is not a revenue raising excercise but a thinly veiled atempt to reduce our alcohol intake, the problem is the masses of voting public don't and will just take it on the chin.

Meantime Brewing

It's worse than you think. The BBC reported that the duty rate has gone up by 2%. WRONG. It's gone up by inflation PLUS 2%. i.e. 5.16%

Let's get busy kissing the pubs goodbye.

Keep up the good spleen.


But it is just the usual revenue raiser and as such it's hardly 'man bites dog' news. No one seriously expected anything different, did they?

And every government will continue to screw alcohol for all its worth, backing off only as revenues peak and bootlegging takes over. The whole industry knows this but everyone has to wheel out the usual shocked responses. But I can't think of a better tactic either.

Stuart Howe

Thank you for using the much under utilised word cunt Pete, it is my favourite. Although I feel it's wasted on this steaming piece of refuse.


Steady on, you aren't dealing with a single individual here so there's no sense in putting his face on a dart board or calling him a cnut. You're dealing with a policy, and one that has been thought through. It might not make sense to those of us affected, but it does make sense to those making it.

I'm no apologist but we have tried whining before and it didn't work then either.

Melissa Cole

Jeff, I understand you buddy and utterly agree!

The opposition are planning to take a blanket approach to taxing ALL higher strength beers & ciders- a letter from my MP tells me so, so it's important that we do make noise about this as much as possible.


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