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Edinburgh 24th August

My kinda town

I love Edinburgh.  I’d live there if I could.  Next week I’m up there speaking at one of the most prestigious events I’ve yet been invited to take part in – the Edinburgh International Book Festival, which runs alongside the Edinburgh Festival.

My event is called ‘A Raucous History of the Beer that Built the British Empire’ and it’s at 8.30pm on 24 August in Peppers Theatre.  Full details are here.  If you’re in town, please do come along.  I’m quite nervous about this one so will be writing and rehearsing my talk extra diligently, which means it’s going to be brilliant.

Yes I really am steering the bloody ship

At the same time in another venue there’s some bloke called Andrew Sachs in conversation with an obscure local writer called Alexander McCall Smith.  So.  No competition then.




Yeah, good call. Edinburgh's a great place, full of good boozers. I'm a fan of The Cafe Royal, myself. Wonderful interior, and beers always in decent nick.


There isn't half a bitter wind in Edinburgh, but some great pubs. The Malt and Hops in Leith is my favourite.


Am reading Hops and Glory now, very good so far. Just thought I'd mention that it's on 3 for 2 offer in Blackwells (on Charing Cross Road at least). Might tempt a few extra people to buy it. Got a copy last week.


I was there. You did an excellent presentation. Bought the book. you signed it. Then I had a couple of Deuchars. Great night . Thanks PS will read book on way to Sri Lanka – is there a Sri Lanka Pale Ale?


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