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What now?

I must be losing my touch.

This ad is obviously a few years old, but I only just became aware of its existence.

If you’re familiar with it and your reaction is “Oh keep up grandad”, I invite you to move along quickly.

If it’s new to you, however, this is a banned ad from the successful ‘no nonsense’ campaign that ran in the early noughties, when Peter Kay was fresh and interesting and when large ale brewers still made some kind of serious attempt to sell their beers.

Ah, those were the days…




Keep up, grandad.

Anyway – and you, of all people, should know this – it wasn't "banned": it wasn't made to go on the telly at all (where undoubtedly it breaks the guidelines).

The audio is at least 31 seconds long. That indicates that it clearly wasn't ever made to be aired either on telly or in the cinema, where advertising is sold in blocks of ten seconds (and at this point, the ad's audio track might have even been expected to have been 29 seconds, as TV once demanded).

An early spoof viral video? Or just a bit of fun? Whatever, it certainly wasn't "banned"…


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