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IPA Day: the morning after the night that didn’t happen for me

Oh balls.  Was not feeling great yesterday, and by 4pm I really wasn’t feeling very well at all.  This was no hangover – hangovers get better as the day goes on, not worse.  A combination of too much beer, not enough sleep and far too much work combined with some very dodgy chicken wings from GBBF to lay me low. You know when you put something in your mouth and your whole body goes “hang on, this isn’t right”?  If you’re going to GBBF, please avoid the hot wings stall.  I spent most of IPA Day in my bathroom, and drank nothing stronger than water.  
So I missed the Dean Swift dinner, which I’m very upset about.  Here’s the menu – read it, and you’ll see why I was particularly unhappy not to be there:
Toulouse sausage Scotch egg
Keg Kernel Black IPA and Brew Dog AB:06
Calamari with sweet chilli mango sauce and timbale of avocado and crayfish
Brew Dog Punk IPA and Maui Big Swell
Goats cheese stuffed peppers 
Kernel Centennial 100 and Kernel Centennial 2010
Tandoori chicken with a cauliflower veloute
Stone Ruination IPA
Lamb Mechoui
SWB Kahuna, Magic Rock Cannonball, Stone IPA, Sierra Nevada Torpedo, all on draught
Raspberry and Limoncello Jelly Tartlet
Mikkeller Sorachi Ace
I’ve never seen a beer style put through its paces like that, never seen such an ambitious beer and food matching menu.  It would have been amazing.  But this week, it would have killed me.  I still feel dreadful this morning.  Can’t imagine how I’d feel if I’d attempted that.
But it does confirm the Dean Swift as one of London’s most exciting beer pubs.  I hope to eat there as soon as possible.  And I hope they’ll let me host a beer and food matching event with similar ambition in the near future.



John H

Came within a hair's breadth of that chicken wings stand and opted for a steak sandwich at the last second…phew!


That's a real shame Pete… Looking around the interior of GBBF at the numerous stalls pumping out comestibles, the thought of eating any of that food, inside that concrete sarcophagus, was too much to contemplate. Went to the City and drank rum all night instead –

I'm going back there again for more this afternoon. WIll seek out the hot wings and give them a good telling off

Adrian Tierney-Jones

sorry to hear that, looks a brilliant menu, I always forget to eat at the GBBF, it also gets in the way of the beer…good way of doing a detox though. And I must make my way to the DS pronto.


I thikn you're right – that's a wonderful, wonderful line up. You had me at 'Scotch Egg'. Bravo the Swift. Hope you feel better, mate.

Rob Nicholson

For fear of libel for aforementioned chiken wing bar, one must point out that there has been a "rash" of upset stomoachs around at the moment that are nothing to do with what you have eaten. That's what I told t'other half after she swore I'd poisoned her with dodgy eggs….


At least you had a good excuse to miss it. I on the other hand, just plain forgot! I didn't realize what had happened until I was at work the next day. Very very upsetting. Oh well. Hope next you when I celebrate it, it is that much bigger!


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