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Please vote for me in the UK Blog Awards

Look, I don’t like to ask, really I don’t. It’s demeaning. But if I didn’t ask, you wouldn’t know about it, so I have to.

There’s a thing called the UK Blog Awards. I decided to enter it this year for the first time. I’ve been blogging about beer and pubs, and more lately cider, since 2006, which makes me the second or third oldest beer blog in the UK. Over that time I’ve completed the transition from freelance adman and part-time writer to full-time writer. I now write for a variety of publications, but this blog remains the place for me to air thoughts and musings that don’t quite fit anywhere else.

Last year I expanded it to give more details of events etc, and links to the other writing I do – there are pages of links to all my Publican’s Morning Advertiser and London Loves Business columns, for example.

I’m enormously proud of this blog and what it’s achieved, so when I saw these awards I thought ‘why not’? Beer blogging is a brilliant and often overlooked corner of the blogosphere and by entering these awards I hope I’ll bring a bit of attention to it.

The first round of judging is a pubic vote which is open from now until 3rd December. All you have to do to vote is follow this link and leave your name and email address – it’ll take less than a minute.

I’m not going to do a hard sell because that would be demeaning to us both. But if you have ever enjoyed reading this blog over the last eight years, please gimme a click.




Professor Pie-Tin

To celebrate UKIP's success in last night's by-election and because I enjoy reading your stuff even though you're a prosecco-quaffing sandalista I shall be voting for your blog.
Wahaay !
Good luck.

Paul Higham

Voted. I read this blog more than any other beer related blog online. Certainly the most important in relation to news in the drinks industry. Hope you win sir!


Prof, how did you find out about the Prosecco? I thought I'd closed the curtains properly at my Hampstead pad before I opened a bottle for me and my good friend Emily Thornberry…

Professor Pie-Tin

Took about 10 seconds.
By the way did you know Emily Thornberry is part of the All-Party Parliamentary Cycling Group.
Judging by the size of her arse I’d say it's also their official bike rack.


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