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Come and join us at Beer Exposed!

This weekend sees a different kind of beer event at the Business Design Centre in Islington.

Beer Exposed is based on the American beer festival model – you pay a high initial entry fee, then inside you’re given a sample glass and get free samples of as much beer as you want. It’s a great way of doing things – you really get to try a great many different beers and it makes for a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Today I’m giving tutored tastings and guided walks around the venue. If you’re in London and at a loose end, do come along. It’s a fantastic event – exactly what the British beer scene needs.




I thought it was tip top event friendly and well run, with no crushes at the bar and good mix of beers and people. As i said the only downside no pies! Oh and few more seats. I think more smaller event slike this are just waht beer needs it was full of people you wouldn’t see at GBBF. My fave beer Exmoor Beast although we didn’t have a bad one all afternoon.


Yes, why no food? I’m sure the promotional material said there would be food, and I’m not sure a few tiny lumps of cheese counts…

We went on the Friday and generally really enjoyed it.


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