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Quizmaster Pete on the telly

Well, despite the fact that I look like shit, and despite expectations of the old joke about the camera adding five pounds (“so how many cameras did you have on you then?”), with half a bottle of cough mixture down me I managed to get through my TV appearance on Market Kitchen without coughing phlegm onto the other guests.  And despite several people beforehand telling me Rodney Marsh was a bit of a git, I found him perfectly charming, great fun to spend an afternoon with.  Brilliant to hear his stories about George Best, and he didn’t even burst out laughing when I told him I was a Barnsley fan.

The programme is on UKTV Food tonight at 7pm and again (cos I’m so good) at 10pm, Sky channel 249, Virgin 260.



Semi Dweller

Probably right about your hair related gut feeling – but think you probably got away with it.

Struggle to warm to Paul Bloxham though.


My mum would agree. Text last night: no “I’m so proud to see my first born son on the telly with him out of the jungle.” Just a one line text: “You need a hair cut”. Best get one booked in.


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