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I am une chienne Andalusian!

Going on holiday at dawn tomorrow, so I won’t be updating for two weeks.  

“How will that be any different from normal?” I hear you quip.
Well, I am (fingers crossed) hopefully making writing my full-time occupation this year rather than what I do at evenings and weekends while earning advertising’s dirty money to pay my mortgage, and I have been trying to blog more regularly, apart from when family circumstances in February prevented it.  So it feels a bit odd to be leaving off.
But it has been getting pretty down of late – many of my recent posts have been negative and critical, exceeded only in dourness by some of my commenters.  When I get back in May I’m going to try and lighten up a bit and look for more of the positives in the wonderful world of beer.  It’s going to be a long hot summer so I hope you feel like trying that too.  
By the time I’m back the launch of Hops & Glory will be only one month away, so expect lots of plugging,  more extracts that didn’t make the final cut, and details of promotional activity up and down the country.  If you like my writing, I’d love it if you could get involved.  I’m up for readings, talks, IPA tastings and book signings anywhere in the UK, and hope to avoid a repeat of the event at Borders in Bournemouth last year where I managed to coax one old lady to sit down and listen to me with a bottle of Schneider Weisse.
Y Viva Espana!



Woolpack Dave

Pete, some geezer recently lent me Three Sheets to the Wind, which I’m enjoying tremendously. I mention it here.

I rather agree that there is a tendency to be down beat in the beery world. I’m just as bad. If you are right about the long hot summer I’ll be adding the complaint of not keeping up with brewing beer.

Look out for a review of the book I’m currently reading and I’ll be happy to get involved with Hops and Glory in if you think I can help. It’s a pity our beer festival is right when your book is released, otherwise I’d have invited you here.


Probably all blogging would be improved by Pixies references. I’ve been relishing your first book and am really looking forward to your new one.

I have done a reading tour before– I know how that feels. At least you had enticing beer for strangers. I wish you the best and will make it to events in London. Keep us posted!

Semi Dweller

Personally loved the “Three Sheets” event at Ottakars in Greenwich – highly entertaining and very good use of time. Hopefully will get the chance to see one of the new book events so will be watching avidly.


Guys – sorry for the delay in comments appearing. Due to an increasing amount of spam comments I’ve had to start moderating them – I don’t reject anyone calling me a twat or saying something I disagree with, just the ones that are trying to sell watches or full of Japanese characters. I thought I was publishing them via iphone from holiday – turns out I wasn’t.


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