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Festivals and that

My latest pieces in the Publican:

I’ve been inspired by all the different kinds of festivals I’ve been privileged to appear at this summer, and it made me think about how pubs might benefit from the psychology they create. I wrote about it here.
If you read this blog much you’ll have read about the Cask Report already. But if you’d like to read me writing about the same points using slightly different words, you can do so here, and see a nice chart I’m quite proud of.

One Comment

One Comment

Laurent Mousson

Hear hear.
I've also noticed the food thing at GBBF over the years.
Both at Olympia and now at Earl's Court, the in-house concession stands, with their branded stuff you'd find on your local high street, did tend not to do too well, and quite a few of them just don't bother opening at all anymore.

I've noticed people who've taken the step of coming to the festival not only are mostly ready to drink the unusual, but they won't settle for food they could also get around the corner from home.

As a downside, some food stands may be led to believe they can get away with charging extortionate prices for food 'just cos it's different' in such a situation.


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