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Pete’s Pub Etiquette: no.3 in an increasingly rare series

Bar staff: if for some reason you think it’s more important to collect glasses than to serve a customer waiting at the bar, in a pub that’s not particularly busy, why not try acknowledging the customer by saying something like. “I’ll be with you in just a minute,” rather than totally ignoring them?

That way, your customer will feel like they are more important in life’s grand scheme than an empty crisp packet.




At Piccadilly Station this morning I waited as the two staff on the coffee stall chatted to each other with their backs to me, as they made the only other customer a bagel. Eventually, noticing me, she said to me "are you being served?". Well she bloody well knew I wasn't being served. Hard not to say something in these circs, but I didn't want her spitting in my drink.


That is annoying – as is turning around and carrying on a conversation with your hand pointed in my general direction waiting for money…..grrrrr


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