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Hops & Glory sells out!

The perfect Christmas gift – if you can find it.
I’d like to urge you all to go to Amazon and buy Hops and Glory for Christmas. I’d like to urge you to do that, but I can’t. Because there are no copies left at Amazon. And I’ve just discovered there are no copies left at the publisher’s warehouse either.
Hops and Glory has sold out. Macmillan have sold 4550 copies, and there are no more left.
Of course, you might ask why they don’t simply do a reprint? The thing is, with the set-up costs for this, you’d have to print about 2000 to make it worthwhile. And with the paperback edition coming out in June 2010, bookshops simply would not take enough stock of the hardback to make such a reprint economically viable.
One the one hand I’m upset because we underestimated how many we needed, and are now forfeiting sales as a result – and some beer fans are going to be less happy on Christmas Day than they otherwise would be. On the other, this has happened because the book totally exceeded publisher’s expectations, which I’m delighted by.
There are still copies floating around – check out your local Waterstones or indie bookshop, and have a look on the new and used section at Amazon. I have a few copies left, which I’ll be using for competitions.
The paperback will be out in June – and that will be the edition that gets reprinted as long as there is demand for it.
Thanks to everyone who’s bought a copy! As it’s Be Nice Month, I’m choosing to revel in the positive side of this rather than wail and grind my teeth at the negative.



Laurent Mousson

Pretty good piece of bad news (or the other way round ?) indeed. Congrats !

Yet six months unavailability indeed is erm, not quite ideal as it means it's harder to promote something that's not available. Let's hope, in the contrary, it generates a "must be good 'cos you can't get it anymore" buzz !

Any chance of the publishers advancing launch of the paperback edition on the strength of the hardback sales ?


Thanks for signing my copy. A great evening @ Love Beer. Enjoyed all the IPA's especially the second one. Hope the tour was a success. Thomas.


Hey – I picked up an extra two copies for Good Beer Blog photo contest back up prizes. Maybe I should eBay them like a beer geek squeezing 55 bucks out of another beer geek over a limited run Idaho made 14% Imperial Black IPA stored in rum and then Islay casks with one single bay leaf left in the brew for exactly 27 hours.

Or I can just give them away like I intended in the first place.



Congratulations, pretty well done!!!

I've just received mine for a very bargain price-Amazon you know, hardback and all…

Let us Know whenever you come to Spain again,maybe we can share some cañas y tapas -not in the Hamburglar in Madrid of course-I Know the Den hehehe- but in any other bar or pub here in Iberia and talk about the new reality iof Spanish beer culture-we are facing now a kind of craft beer momentum, really interesting indeed

Haya Salud, borracho


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