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Wikio Rankings for February

The algorithms are in, and the rankings have been compiled for beer and wine blog rankings for February 2010. Lot’s of jostling and ooh look, I’m back on top! Barry M’s bitten bullet is rising steadily, and the fact that Jeff has finished his blog is starting to make an impact as it slides down three.

If you’d like to be included in the rankings and currently aren’t – or if you would like to exclusively reveal the monthly rankings on your blog next month – please drop me a line…




Yeah Pete how do I get in the rankings? I haven’t seen my beer quest in a single top 20/30 list ever. It can be disheartening sometimes but Cooking Lager once mentioned I could have his ranking position for a 4-pack of Stella. Do I need to improve my material, post the Stella or something else?


Pete, is there a back-story on the demise of Jeffo's blog? I can't even find a cached version of the last post!


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